Memory and Comics

I keep a lot of notes in my sketchbooks about what I am doing with comics, my theory of comics, and defining comics. I wanted to do a  quick post about some of my ideas before they escape my mind forever.

– Comics are the only medium that can represent the human thought process perfectly combining pictures and words. Memory is a lot like sitting at the bottom of the pool and looking up at the hazy figure standing over you.

– Cartooning represents the way we remember details and people. When I remember I see different parts in detail and some fuzzy. The persons face is never fully formed much like how cartooning never gives the full details.

– Memory changes rapidly and the details in the story should be changing a lot too. Example the color of ones shirt or the length of their hair.

– Grids are good for telling linear stories. However with the use of color grids can be broken up and scenes can change fast and quick.

– Memory is a series of pictures and words. Comics are the same.